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Mama, you want to raise kids who are happy, healthy and well-adjusted people right? But are you happy, healthy and well-adjusted?

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself and motherhood so that you can be the role model you’ve always wanted to be?

Fall in love with motherhood

Get the latest mindset, lifestyle, and time management tips

Hi, I'm Lex.

I’m the coach behind Raising Mom.  I’m here to help you end mom burnout, love your body, and truly enjoy motherhood so that you can be the mother and role model you’ve always wanted to be.  

I’m a Certified Life Coach, which is like a personal trainer for your mind. And a Certified Health Coach, which is like a personal trainer for your lifestyle.

I combine the two and work specifically with moms implementing small, time-efficient action steps to transform beliefs and habits creating lasting change.

I live with 4 boys; my two sons who are 4 and 5-years old, my husband, and our dog Moose. I love riding horses, camping, and curling up by the fire in fleece pj’s with a warm cup of tea.

Where to Start

 End burnout, love your body, & truly enjoy motherhood.


Transform your beliefs and habits to create change that lasts! Become the happiest, healthiest, and most thriving woman and mother you can be.


A 60-minute session designed to identify what is currently causing you to feel like you're drowning in motherhood and action steps to help.


A complimentary discovery and goal setting call to find out if coaching is right for you. Includes a takeaway to get you started on your transformation.

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Coaching Testimonials

They did it, so can you

"In our first session together, we established a true and trusting bond. That is very important to me as personal growth is well, personal, and you should be comfortable with the person leading you through it. You need to trust the person to hold a secure place for you to grow and trust that they will lead you into making the best decisions for yourself. Lex is exactly that person. She is genuine, caring, and heartfelt. The questions she asked really got me thinking in a manner that will lead to lifestyle changes and not just a quick fad. I would recommend Lex to everyone looking for a coach.”​

Tamara G.
Fulfilled Entrepreneur
Longview, AB

"I’ve struggled with food, body image, and self-confidence for most of my life. I’ve tried many different diets, quick fixes, expensive therapies, gym memberships, etc… You name it, I’ve probably done it in an attempt to manage my emotions, weight, and life. What is amazing and unique about Lex’s program is that it’s not about the weight and it’s not about the food. It’s about changing and challenging my relationship with myself so that the food is no longer the only solution. Lex has been instrumental in my journey and I’ve enjoyed working with her more than a paragraph can adequately express."

Darby M.
Happy Client
Calgary, AB

“I found my session with Lex extremely helpful. She was really personable, a great listener, and asked questions that drew out really good insights. Hence I felt comfortable opening up to her right away about some of my struggles. The session helped me to realize what I needed to do to feel better and more energized in this journey of motherhood. I left the session with an action plan I was excited about and enjoyed having something to work on. I look forward to my next session with Lex.

Kitty W.
Peaceful Mom
Thursday, August 31, 2019

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