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I'm Lex

When my boys were was 3-years and 18-months, I hit rock bottom, I turned to my mom and said:

“People only tell you to have kids so you can be just as miserable as they are.”

And I meant it, with every cell in my body, I meant it!

That comment sent me on a path of personal development that changed the trajectory of my life. It shifted how I viewed motherhood, transformed my perception of life, and pivoted how I parent. 

Becoming a mom has been a transformational journey for which I’m truly grateful.

I believe in mind-body-soul wellbeing for moms first because my kids copy what I do and therefore, I need to become the person I hope for them to be.

I’m on a mission to share everything I’ve learned about mindset, lifestyle, time management, and personal growth to help moms be happy, healthy, and fulfilled women so that we can reach our common goal of raising children who are happy, healthy, and fulfilled people. 

This is My Story

How motherhood helped me find myself…

Motherhood Was Not What I Expected
Having kids turned my life completely upside down. I felt lost and like a shell of my former self. I was a stranger in my own body, mind, and life.

Being a mom was nothing like I'd imagined it would be. Instead of loving every minute, I was exhausted, overwhelmed, insecure, resentful, and worst of all I felt like a failure every day.

Feeling defeated all the time left me 50lbs overweight only adding to the mom guilt of not living up to my expectations of what a mom should be.
Turning Point
Hitting Rock Bottom
My lowest point came when my boys were 18-months-old and 3-years-old. We were eating lunch and my oldest threw his food across the table. That was it, I fell apart.

I put both boys in the car and drove 45-minutes to my parents’ house. I was crying so hard it was hard to see and I was so overwhelmed with emotion I could barely breathe.

I can still remember how it felt when I handed the boys to my mom and said “people only tell you to have kids so you can be just as miserable as they are”!

That was also the day I decided to hire a coach, and with her guidance, my life and my experience of motherhood was forever changed for the better!
Turning Point
New Beginning
Learning to be Different
After learning some tools that helped to quiet my negative self-talk, create better habits, improve my health, and boost my confidence, I became a personal development junkie.

That's what sent me on the path to become a Certified Life & Health Coach and follow my calling of helping as many moms as possible feel the freedom of loving who they are and embracing the journey of motherhood.
New Beginning
New Way of Life
Becoming a mom has been a transformational journey for which I'm truly grateful.

It's shown me that self-care is the number one way to raise happy, healthy, fulfilled kids because they copy what I do and therefore, I need to become the person I hope for them to be.

Because of that, I've had to discover who I am at my core, face fears that motherhood wouldn't let me run from, and learn to live from a place of honesty, integrity, and personal truth.
Inner Peace
I Found Myself in Motherhood
I never realized that I was lost before having kids but becoming a mom has taken me on a journey that I wouldn't change for anything. The happy, confident, fulfilled woman I am today would not exist without motherhood.

"Because the truth is this - the first few years of postpartum are going to pull you so far away from who you used to be - and then they're going to put you back together as the person you're meant to become." ~January Harshe
Inner Peace

Fun Facts

Here’s some random things about who I am.

Why Raising Mom

How motherhood helped me find myself…

I have been an unhealthy, unhappy, and distant mother. One who at many times, regretted my decision to become a mom. 

I have seen how that can negatively impact every area of my life, including my family, social life, finances, health, and career.

I have been exhausted trying to raise a family, overwhelmed with my to-do list, and paralyzed by comparison. 

I also know what it’s like to really know who I am,  feel beautiful in my skin, and be confident in my ability as a mother.  I know what it’s like to say “I am proud of the role model that I am”, and truly be a happy, healthy, and fulfilled mom. 

The reason I created Raising Mom is simple, I just want to share as much as I can with as many moms as possible so you don’t have to feel what I felt, and if you do, then you have a way of getting out of the darkness. 

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