Do a Brain Dump and Free your Mind

Does your head feel like it’s going to explode because of all the lists, to-do’s, responsibilities, and so on that you have running around in there like wild animals? If you answered yes, then you need to do a brain dump!

The endless spider web of thoughts in your mind is what some like to call the “monkey mind.” What you’re about to learn is a strategic way to calm that monkey mind. It’s going to help you free up mental space to be present and stop the constant internal checks and balances game you’ve been playing.

It’s called a Brain Dump.

What is a Brain Dump?

A brain dump is the first and often the most overwhelming but liberating step of effective time management. It’s writing out everything, and I mean everything that you need to, want to and wish to do. 

Just like anything new, initially, this process feels like it takes a lot of time. However, as you get used to it, it will speed up. The point is that in the long run it saves so much time, alleviates a lot of anxiety, frees up an abundance of mental space, and helps to create clarity of direction and purpose.

Just take out a blank piece of paper and get writing.

What Goes on the List?

You’re going to write out absolutely everything you have on any sort of list. This will ensure that everything is all in one place and most importantly out of your head.

  • Anything that’s on your mind taking up mental space, even the things you think you’ll remember.
  • Everything that’s on any loose piece of paper, saved as a note in your phone or on a sticky note.
  • Any texts, calls, or emails that you need to respond to or initiate.
  • List anything you need to do for your kids, your partner, yourself, other people, or your pets.
  • All appointments
  • Everything you need to buy.
  • Any items, activities, or thoughts that you need to remember. 
  • List all the household chores.
  • Remember to write down all the essentials that need to get done like sleeping, showering, eating, work, etc.

Keep going and write out things that must get done, should get done, you’d like to get done and you wish you could do.

Why it Works?

Getting everything in one place may be overwhelming at first because it’s very likely that your list will be long and extensive. However, creating your one brain dump list means having everything in one place and out of your head. This takes your monkey mind and calms it down.

When you write down your thoughts you are acknowledging them so they no longer have to be loud and repetitive. Doing a brain dump frees up so much mental real estate. It also alleviates much of the pressure and anxiety from simply having to try and remember everything. 

Since most of the things you do each week are the same you can save time by creating a master brain dump list. This is a list you can add to and schedule from on a regular basis.

Ok, now it’s time for you to go and do your brain dump. Go and free your mind of all those thoughts running around in your head. Let me know how it works for you.  

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