Feeling Down? Increase Your Energy!

Have you ever felt like you’re walking around in a kind of complacent fog? You’re going through the motions of everyday life but you’ve forgotten who you are and lack the motivation to try? Did you know that one of the biggest reasons for this is a lack of energy?

To improve in any area of your life you need to begin with the foundation, which is your health and wellness. Why? Because when we are healthy we have the energy and the stamina to live life on purpose and put in the real effort with ourselves and our kids.

Low Energy and Poor Choices

More often than not, when we are in a low energy state, we make poor choices or participate in activities that keep us feeling down. This is how the cycle of a low mood and poor choices tends to spiral.

When we are in a low energy state we feel worse about ourselves and our mothering abilities. And how why we take actions we don’t really want to which take us further away from our goals rather than towards them.

High Energy and Positive Choices

On the other hand, when we feel energized, we are more uplifted and positive. Meaning we’re better able to make better and more conscious choices for ourselves and our families in every area of life. 

Having energy helps us to get in touch with our personal power, that’s when we feel unstoppable and happy. It’s in these states that we make crystal clear decisions, feel focused, creative, patient, loving, fulfilled and are more in tune with our bodies. 

High Energy as a Habit

When we lack energy we feel deflated and powerless but when we have energy, we feel alive and full of life. That’s why knowing what gives you energy and what takes it away is an important habit to cultivate.

Discovering what foods and activities help you feel uplifted will get you to a more positive and make better choices rather than destructive ones occur more often than not.

In order to do that, it’s important to bring your awareness to your current habits and begin to recognize how you respond to your current rituals and routines.

The truth is that you’re already very familiar with what gives you energy and what takes it away. The problem is that you’ve been programmed to focus on other things that make more noise. 

This is your invitation and opportunity to open the door to increased vitality. Doing so will lay the groundwork to experience the best of yourself and the best motherhood has to offer.


A positive mood and increased energy levels come from self-care. Self-care includes eating healthy foods, moving and resting your body, having a solid support crew, and knowing how to manage your stress.

The better your physiology, the better your psychology. In other words, the better your body the better your mind. Your health and energy are the foundation of it all.

Energy is by far the most valuable resource you have because when you feel alive, have energy, and feel good you are a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled woman. This in turn makes you a happier and more loving mother. 

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